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Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014, 20:01

Sexueller Missbrauch buddhistischer Kindermönche wird nur selten aufgedeckt, weil die Jungen schutzlos sind

Die Zeitschrift The Raven aus Buthan schrieb vor einem Jahr zum ersten Mal überhaupt über den Missbrauch von buddhistischen Kindermönchen in einem Kloster. Dieser Bericht erschütterte das kleine Land. Hier der Link.

Besonders erschreckt hat mich dabei ein Absatz, der die Hoffnungslosigkeit der Jungen in diesem Land zeigt, ihre Schändung bei der Polizei anzuzeigen. Denn ihr Missbrauch wird polizeilich nicht geahndet, sondern lediglich der Mönchsbehörde gemeldet:


The irony about sexual abuse cases in Bhutan is that if a boy (a monk) is raped or sexually molested, he will not find justice the way a little girl can. While it is good that our system is more favorable to girls, why should justice for little boys take a back seat, just because they are monks? Do they have to compromise their dignity and their rights so that the Institutions name can be protected? Should a girl be raped or molested she can go to the police, or any social organization that will readily pounce on the case and investigate it. If the perpetrator is found, he will be charged with statutory rape and imprisoned, the media will report it, and people will be incensed that such things happen to little girls. Even men who have had consensual sex with their girlfriends, 16 or 18 year olds, are charged with statutory rape and have to live with being labeled rapists for the rest of their lives. The age of consent for sex is 18 and above and the law is “supposedly” strictly enforced in order to ensure protection of women and children. Why then is it different for these boys? Cases of sodomy, sexual molestation, or rape that occur in the monastic community to monks, even if they are below 18 years of age, are not reported to the police. If cases are taken to the WCPU (The Women and Child Protection Unit) at the police station, the police will simply forward the case to the Dratsang (the Monastic Center), which has its own internal investigative unit that will look into the case. Although the police say they do not differentiate cases because the Dratsang forwards the case back to them, we don’t know because it has never happened.

Eine weitere Übersicht zum päderasten Treiben in buddhistischen Klöstern in Buthan findet man hier .

Und dass diese Zustände nicht nur in Buthan herrschen zeigt ein Bericht vom Mai 2014 aus Thailand: Fünf relegierte buddhistische Äbte werden beschuldigt, Kinder in einem Kinderschänderring sexuell missbraucht zu haben. Quelle